Cold Side Manuals
Fountain System Module

Overview: Operation of Fountain System

  • Ice and beverage dispensers (also called, "ice combo" units) are just that—machines that dispense ice and beverages. They are characterized by a top-mounted ice bin that can typically hold around 200 lbs. of ice at Race Trac locations. This serves a dual purpose:

  • Most importantly, the ice held in the ice bin and cold plate serves the crucial purpose of cooling the carbonated water and syrup lines. Without ice in the ice bin, the lines won't be cooled and beverages will likely dispense with little to no carbonation. In other words: KEEP THE ICE BIN FULL DURING OPERATION!

  • Obviously, the secondary function of the top-mounted ice bin is to allow the machine to easily dispense ice into customer’s cup when they place the cup under the ice chute. It's recommended that you fill they cup with 1/3 ice for the best quality drink. The ice will help to retain the carbonation in the beverage once it has been dispensed.

  • The fountain machine does not produce the ice. The ice comes from the ice maker sitting on top of the fountain machine.

  • Syrup is drawn from a B.I.B (Bag-in-Box), by a gas driven Flojet pump and pumped to the fountain machine.

  • Carbonated water is produced by dissolving carbon dioxide gas (CO2) in water in a carbonator such as a CCU, Big Mac or Multiplex Chiller and then sent to the fountain under pressure.

  • Carbonated water and syrup passes through the cold plate and then to the fountain heads. Where they go through a flow control and are mixed together into the final product.

  • NOTE: Fountain is often abbreviated as “FTN.”


Fountain machine is made of several components

  • Fountain head to control water-to-syrup flow rate, mixing and dispensing the product.

  • Mounting block to mount fountain head.

  • Cold plate to keep water and syrup cold.

  • Ice agitator motor to stir and dispense ice.

  • Ice gate, solenoid and restrictor plate to control ice dispensing.

  • Ice dispense switch to activate the agitator motor and ice gate for dispensing ice.

  • Time and relay board to set time for ice stir and to activate ice gate solenoid and agitator motor for ice dispense.

  • Ice bin to store ice for cooling the cold plate and dispensing to customers.

  • Light ballast for sign lighting.